Home Modifications


Quality of Life

Included in the equipment that Samuel will require:

  • Power wheelchair - requires postural support devices; power recline; leg raise; communication tablet mounts; pressure cushion.

  • Manual wheelchair - including tilt feature and pressure relieving cushion

  • Eye-contolled PC/communication device/tablet - will require a mount fixed to the wheelchair to provide consistency of position

  • A "cough assist" machine that provides inhalation and exhalation replicating the basic human coughing ability

  • Electric ceiling hoist - Samuel cannot transfer from bed to chair to bed etc without being hoisted. A manual hoist will also be needed.

  • Tilt Table - a table that can raise Samuel into a more vertical position, standing, strapped in  to build muscle tone and strengthening. Calcium leeches from the bones when limbs are not made to be weight-bearing.  Ossification can occur in other bodily tissue areas.

  • Environmental Control Units - Voice/switch activated controls to allow management of home systems including - door openers, personal alarm systems, window/curtain openers.

  • Other medical aids: shower chair, slide board, slide sheets, blood pressure monitor, over bed table, lightweight portable ramps (for wheelchair access), abdominal binders (paralysis causes zero core body strength), multiple physiotherapy and occupational therapy support devices for management of arms and legs, medical sheepskins, oedema gloves, anti-embolic/compression stockings

  • Mobile phone/voice activation communication system

  • In home air conditioning/regulation - Samuel is not able to effectively regulate temperature

  • Home modifications - if current home is not able to accommodate required adaptations, then sale of current and purchase of new home will be required

  • Vehicle - require attendant-operated accessible wheel in vehicle (automatic tie downs etc.) Purchase and modification of new vehicle (use of taxis until own vehicle prepared)

  • Recreational bicycle/tricycle - supportively motorised

Additional equipment may be needed for social participation. recreation and leisure pursuits. These would reflect Samuel's individual tastes and lifestyle choices and the inclusion of specialist adaptations to aim to return Samuel to his pre-condition activities or substitute. This may include items such as a sports or recreational wheelchair, adapted sports equipment, adapted computer hardware, software or games, club or other membership.